Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gardens are a-bloomin'!

In spite of the wind (recently had 4 days and nights of 30-40 mph winds!) my gardens are full of blooms. Sorry to say that I did lose my entire first flush of bee balm. But I cut off all the ruined blooms and many crispy leaves and now a new flush has started...so should get some nice ones to press soon.
The blue butterfly delphinium is an beautiful electric blue this year...these petals are essential for pressing and using for skies. And I add some of the white delphinium petals for clouds. I was a bit disappointed that the larkspur I let reseed (instead of using the fresh seed I bought!) has all turned out to be a single type flower. I can use these, but I really prefer the double larkspur for pressing. And I am once more having problems with powdery mildew on these plants. So far the delphinium is not affected...but just a matter of time now, I'm afraid.
I have gardens at two places, as you can see from the photos. My garden at the lake house is still in progress...but don't tell Loren, my husband!


  1. Hello Ladybug ,what a pretty garden and those delphiniums are gorgeous . Look on my facebook notes page and you will find an article there on powdery mildew. Happy Gardening and pressing !

  2. wow!:-)...beautiful!:-)

    i almost got to see the lake garden!...next time!:-)


  3. Wow, this is beautiful. I lost my bee balm this year...don't know what happened. I miss it. I will replace it next year. Micki

  4. Wow! Marie Ann, you have such a beautiful garden! You must live in heaven...

  5. Thanks, folks for the comments! Sorry to hear about your bee balm, Micki. They are a most beautiful plant in the garden and my hummers just love them, too! Ade, it seems like heaven at times...until I hear the hummmmm of the mosquitoes!