Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Third Piece in My South Dakota Wildlife Series

Well, got the third one done and I am having soooooo much fun with these! This one is a group of buffalo silhouetted against one of South Dakota's majestic sunsets. The sky is made of fall maple and oak leaves and the ground and buffalo are made of very dark poinsettia leaves. Hope you like it!
Next I hope to do an artwork with mallard ducks in a slough complete with cattails. This one will be done as my interpretation of the May class on the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. Irina Orlova will teach this one. Can't wait!
We are getting warmer weather finally...my tulips are poking up. Need to find time to get out there and clean some things up a bit. Are you in your gardens yet?


  1. MarieAnn, This Dakota wildlife is amazing, the sky looks so real and the overall image is very, very pretty. Well done my friend!


  2. Thanks, Dee! We do have glorious sunsets here...bet you have some nice ones there, too!
    Marie Ann

  3. Gorgeous! That takes a lot of talent an patience.

  4. I agree totally with Naturegirl and writing4612 this is amazingly beautiful and what talent and patience!

    Terry : )